The alliance portal is one of the most important buildings in Samurai Siege. Through it you can request troops and better your chances of winning both offensive and defensive Multiplayer battles.

Your alliance portal is always in your base, but at first it is broken. So while you can join an alliance, you cannot request troops until it has been repaired.

The alliance portal glows when troops pass through it.

You do not need to rebuild the Alliance Portal in order to join an Alliance  .

Offensive StrategyEdit

Depending on how active your alliance is, you may want to save your troops as a last resort (e.g. you're at 49%, out of regular troops, and one building is almost at zero health), or you may be able to use them during most battles if getting refilled isn't an issue.

Defensive StrategyEdit

Depending on the troops within your Portal, placement within your base is essential.

A portal full of archers behind even just 1 layer of walls can completely disrupt an attack, as troops with no preferred target will always try to get the portal troops no matter what.

Alliance troops that deploy from your Portal will not return to the Portal even if they survive the attack.  This is another reason why Portal centralization is key.


Attack Range
Level Health Donation Space Cost (Coins) Build Time Castle Level
1 900 5 43,000 0s 3
2 1,800 10 220,000 1h 4
3 2,400 15 1,100,000 1d 5
4 3,000 20 4,300,000 3d 7
5 3,600 25 17,000,000 5d 9


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