Alliances are the most important non-building thing in the game. To find some alliances to join, go to Alliance Advertising, or Search in game for Alliances by name. Alliances that suit your base and level will be recommended.


The honor of an alliance is calculated as follows:

Players Contribution %
1 - 10 99.9%
11 - 30 1/2%
31 - 50 0%

Honor is vital in measuring a clan's strength and finding clans to have alliance wars with. Honor also determines the diamond payout for winning a war.

Alliance WarEdit

A key part to being in an Alliance is participating in Alliance Wars. Alliance wars consist of 4 evenly matched Alliances that battle it out for 12 hours in a race to gain the most war points for your alliance by winning battles, thus earning you diamonds. War points are calculated based on the defenders strength vs. the attackers strength (determined by castle level, troop level and defense lvl). The more powerful the opponent the more war points you get! 

War rival

View of attacking a rival alliance during a war.

 If you come across a rival Alliance during match making it will say "WAR RIVAL!" under the essence bar in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You must be a General or Shogun to declare war, so be ready!


A key part of any attack and defence is the Alliance Portal. In your clan chat, or on your home world, you can request for troop donations. Players in your clan can then send to you their troops that they had trained. This is great because it adds army size, as troops in the Alliance Portal are not accounted for in the Practice Yards. As for defense, troops in the Alliance Portal will be triggered when attacking troops come near it and will defend your base against invaders. You have to wait 20 minutes between each troops request, however you can skip this time with diamonds.

Alliance HierarchyEdit

Within any alliance there are three rankings. They are illustrated in the following table:

Title Priority Special Rights
Shogun 1 •Declare wars •Boot •Promote •Demote •Recruit •Edit clan flag •Edit Message of the Day •Edit alliance description.
General 2 •Declare wars •Boot (Captains Only) •Promote (Captains Only) •Recruit •Edit Message of the Day.


A normal member of a clan, with no special privileges or rights.


Everyone likes to socialize, in the Alliance chat you can talk to your clanmates. This can be used to talk about daily life or a brand new strategy that you just couldn't wait to share! It is extremely useful for communicating new rules or to show when a war has started.

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