This page is a collection of tactics and strategies for battle. Enjoy!

A Quick VictoryEdit

If you need to win fast, send in bonus troops. If you don't have any, just apply this strategy.

  1. Prepare the troops. For this, you will need at least 30 ninjas, 3 commanders, 25 mongols, and 30 samurai.
  2. Next, pick a village you would like to attack. Keep hitting next until you get one with plenty of resources.
  3. Send in Ninjas to pick up some resources. Save 5 or 6 to help later.
  4. Let the Ninjas do as much destruction as possible. Sometimes they will finish the village.
  5. When/If they die, send in the Mongols and Commamders to smash defenses.
  6. If the Mongols and Commanders die, sweep through the remaining village in one unstoppable wave of Samurai and a few Ninjas!

Ultimate DestructionEdit

It is always satisfying to watch buildings fall. Here's a way to do it.

  1. For troops, you need as many Ninjas as possible, and a few samurai (6 or 7 is enough). A commander is optional.
  2. Send in the commander to draw fire from defenses. He is best, because he literally charges straight toward them.
  3. Use Samurai to take out defenses. The commander will lead them there. Place them near cannons to make way.
  4. When they die, you are ready. Place your massive swarm of ninjas all at once and watch the village fall!

Way of the Samurai Edit

A perfect strategy for more experienced players!

  1. You need about 1/3 of your army samurai. 1/6 ninjas and 1/6 mongols for reinforcement, 1/12 healers, and 3/12 essence masters.
  2. Send in mongols and essence masters first. They will penetrate the defenses.
  3. When they die, clear a path straight through the village to make way.
  4. Finally, crush the castle with samurai. Reinforce the mass attack of the samurai with healers to keep them together.