"This cannon delivers a fierce gunpowder blast, damaging enemy troops near where the cannonball lands. Invaders will fall like autumn leaves."

The cannon tower has a wide range similar to archer towers, though it fires at a relatively low rate of speed and deals splash damage. It can be unlocked by playing the campaign. By collecting a full set of defensive Loot bonuses you can gain access to Cannon of Doom which will give you an extra cannon for two days. Cannons can't attack enemies within 1 radius.



Attacking a base with high level cannons is tough. Either try to kill them ASAP or try to avoid them, if using a basic unit army (e.g. samurai, archer, ninja). If using a basic army, knowing the number of hits to kill your units is key. Secondly if forced to battle a cannon, spread your troops and try to avoid funnel points. If possible, distract cannons with units across the base where splash will not affect your main army. Always try to pick off defenseless cannons as cannons can not attack troops that are too close to itself. Since cannons do mainly splash damage, healers are especially effective against them, and especially effective against Poison shot.


Cannons have a long range, so it's best to keep them towards the center of your base to protect as much as possible. Since cannons have a slow shot, it's best to place them where units will need to pause to destroy walls or other buildings first to ensure the cannonball hits. Freeze shot and Poison shot are both good to use, though if you use Poison shot, it is better to spread out your cannons since poison does not stack.


Castle Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Cannons Available 0 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5
Attack Range Damage Radius Attack Speed Mission Unlocked
11 1.2 3.7s Cannon Chaos
Level Health Damage Per Second Damage Per Shot Upgrade Cost (Jade) Upgrade Duration Castle Level
1 585 4.5 16.65 10,000 1h 3
2 645 5.625 20.81 29,000 2h 3
3 720 6.75 24.98 120,000 12h 4
4 810 7.875 29.14 430,000 1d 5
5 870 9 33.3 1,400,000 3d 6
6 915 10.125 37.46 9,000,000 5d 8
7 960 12.375 45.79 18,000,000 7d 9
8 1020 14.7 54.11 24,300,000 10d 10
9 1125 17.568 65 32,000,000 14d 11
10 1250 21 77.7 48,000,000 14d 12

Ice ShotEdit

"Freeze Chance - As well as dealing damage, these cannonballs have a chance to freeze the enemy to the spot."

Cannons have three options for a weapon. The stats for the Standard Shot are in the above "Stats" table. The other weapon is Ice Shot, which do 10% less than normal damage than the Standard Shot, but have a chance to freeze the targets for 2 seconds.  Ice shot cannons are marked by white snowflake markings on a blue flag.

Damage Multiplier Freeze Duration
0.9x 2s
Level Freeze Chance Upgrade Cost (Jade) Upgrade Duration Cannon Level Required
1 8% - - 3
2 12% 360,000 12h 3
3 15% 720,000 1d 3
4 18% 2,000,000 3d 4
5 21% 5,000,000 5d 4
6 24% 20,000,000 8d 5

Poison ShotEdit

"Poison targets in an area effect, doing damage over time."

Cannons have three options for a weapon. The stats for the Standard Shot are in the above "Stats" table. Poison shot greatly reduces physical damage per second by reducing the physical damage and increasing time between attacks, but greatly increases total damage in the form of poison. This is very dangerous at high levels and a single healer can barely keep units alive through the poison. The weapon variation can be purchased in the Onyx Market for a one time fee of 4900 Onyx, which will enable the weapon choice.  Poison shot cannons are marked by green skull markings on a purple flag.

Damage Multiplier Attack Speed Onyx Cost
0.7x +4.3s 4900
Level Effect Time Upgrade Cost (Jade) Upgrade Duration Cannon Level Required
1 2.5s - - 3
2 3.0s 360,000 12h 3
3 4.0s 720,000 1d 3
4 5.0s 2,000,000 3d 4
5 6.0s 5,000,000 5d 4
6 7.0s 20,000,000 8d 5