Diamonds are a premium currency in Samurai Siege. The fastest way to gain more diamonds is to purchase them with real life currency in micropayments called In App Purchases. Diamonds can also be earned for free with time invested especially by joining and contributing to your Alliance. Additional diamonds are avalible on the World Map by completing the campaign.

Use of DiamondsEdit

Diamonds can be spent as a currency for many things in game.

Permanent boostsEdit

  • Diamonds can be spent to increase the number of Carpenters with a maximum of 5 in the game.

Temporary BoostsEdit

Diamonds can be spent to...

  • Speed up construction or upgrading of buildings
  • Speed up training of units
  • Speed up researching of units
  • Buy the other two currencies (Jade Coins and Essence)
  • Search for loot for a collection
  • Speed up completion of spells
  • Speed up upgrading of spells

Getting More DiamondsEdit

The most common, simplest, and fastest way of getting more diamonds is to buy them with money via In App Purchases.

Diamonds can also be earned by participating in an alliance or completing single player levels.. More details can be found on the Earning Diamonds page.