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Alliance levels and perks

When you first start playing Samurai Siege you are given a large sum of Diamonds that can be used to speed up progress; for example by instantly generating troops, skipping construction time etc.  

Obviously, it is easier to buy Diamonds to speed up the productions that take place within the game but there are other methods of earning Diamonds within the game. Some simple ways to do this is by taking part and winning in "Alliance Wars." If you win against 3 other alliances you will gain Diamonds  Another simple way of earning Diamonds is to complete the Diamond Nodes on the singleplayer missions. These usually occur after unlocking a new building or troop. You can see the level of your own alliance by tapping on the 3rd icon at the bottom of the Alliance tab.  Note the perks that unlock for each Alliance member when the Alliance gets to certain levels.

In addition to the perks, every time your Alliance levels up you earn Diamonds   The amount of the reward depends on your Alliance level - it pays out more as your Alliance level increases.

Alliance Level Payout 
1 0
2 2
3 4
4 5
5 5
6 ?
7 ?
8 ?
9 ?
10 10
11 ?
12 ?
13 10
14 10
15 ?
16 ?
17 ?
18 ?


22                                                                                    20

The top 5 ranked players in the Alliance when it levels up receive the full payout. Only players who were present when the Alliance War was declared can affect the war's outcome, and will receive any payout should their alliance win. This prevents players from alliance jumping to either get on an alliance that is about to win or sabotage a rival alliance.

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Alliance War Declaration

Alliance WarEdit

Another way to earn diamonds from your Alliance is by Alliance wars.  These are 12 hour competitions between Alliances to gain the most War Points (most Honor prior to November 7 2013 update). Generals and Shogun level members of Alliances can declare war by going to the second icon in the Alliance tab (Captains were able to declare war until August 2013 update). The two players who have earned the most War Points for the winning Alliance receive double the Diamond payout, as well.

Like level up payouts, Alliance war payouts also increases based on Alliance level.

Alliance War Winning Payouts
Honor Level (required at war declaration) Winner Payout (Diamonds) Winning Alliance XP
0 10 100
5,000 20 200
10,000 30 400
14,000 50 800
18,000 75 1200
20,000 100 1600
30,000 150 3000

Payouts go to all the members who were in the Alliance when war was declared. Furthermore, these are the only players who can contribute to the Alliance's overall War Score. This prevents players from joining an Alliance who is just about to win or leaving to sabotage a rival Alliance.

Removing ObstaclesEdit

In other games, you receive currency when you remove obstacles from your canvas.  As of November 2013, this functionality does not exist in Samurai Siege, but Customer Relations has indicated that it may be added in a future update.