An uncontrollable force of nature that's at its most powerful when first deployed. Prone to burning out in long battles, this fiery spirit is about as happy taking ice damage as a snowman in a sauna.

Fire Demon

Fire Demon

Hammers the ground with explosive force, sending lethal embers spraying towards his foes. -Infernal Fists, Ember Blast

Unlock by repairing the Temple and researching it.

This troop is seen in the special missions such as Friendly Fire and Incendiary Bomb.

Note that when this unit is frozen, it takes massive damage.

The Fire Demon does splash damage as well, dealing 1/3rd of its base damage in a short radius, and 1/4th of its base damage in a larger radius. It's possible for buildings to be hit by all 3 hits, making the fire demon do an additional 58% damage.  The splash damage can be further upgraded by the Kami Tree upgrade, lfrith's Blessing.

Like the Dragon, Healer and Ninja, it cannot be controlled by a Commander. Can also be killed easily by few shots from Ice Damage (Freeze Tower/Freeze Trap).




Damage per Hit

Training Cost (Essence)

Upgrade Cost

Time to Upgrade

Ancient Temple Level Required

1 1,150 192 33,000 900,000 36h 1
2 1,400 258 54,000 3,200,000 3d 3
3 1,650 348 73,000 12,400,000 7d 5
4 2,150 432 114,000 24,600,000 9d
5 2,550
6 2,900 566 245,000
7 3,200 606 320,000 98,600,000 14d 10
Yard Space Walk Speed Damage Type Ice Effectiveness
15 2 Fire 100%



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