Lightning TrapEdit

Give.your enemies a shocking surprise with this electrifying storm-in-a-box! Commanders and Healers beware!


  • Chain lightning that jumps to multiple enemies.
  • Deals extra damage to Healers and other magical troops.
  • Castle level 4 required.
  • It is a Weapon Variation for the Freeze Trap.

Refill Cost: 3,000 Jade Coins.

DPS: 33.3


Freeze trap 1

Freeze Trap

"Leave our enemies frozen to the spot with this ice-cold device."

Though they do minimal damage, they keep enemies frozen in place for a duration while any defensive building within range gets a free shot at them. Freeze traps are activated once an enemy unit attacking your base passes over the trap which will then shortly trigger the trap to release and freeze any enemy units within a medium-ranged radius. They are useful for defending important Defense Buildings or Production Buildings.

Freeze Traps need to be refilled after each use at a cost of 3,000 Jade Coins.

Ability: Frost DamageEdit

Level 1
Health 1,000
Trigger Radius 1
Effect Radius 4 squares
Effect Duration 7 seconds