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Honor is the primary measurement used in Samurai Siege when attacking in Matchmaking. Honor is gained by successfully attacking enemies or successfully defending against them. Honor cannot be spent. Matchmaking is based on your honor count rather than your in game level. You will gain honor after successfully winning a battle in Matchmaking but you will lose honor if you lose the battle.

Honor is also used to level up the Cannon of Doom and Mercenary Camp.

Getting Honor

In order to get some honor or respect, one must attack another village. To get honor easily, attack the village that are easy for you. Or defend your village to earn more honor. Make sure that the enemy your attacking is easy for you. If not you lose more honor.

Honor Rush

"Honor Rush" is the easiest way and the best way to save essence. In order to rush your honor, you must attack farming players (the players who put their Castle outside). Use at least 30-50 archers or samurai to save your essence.


An example of a player's honor.

Honor Ranking

In the "Ranking" button, you will see the players and alliances who has the highest honor. You may visit them and observe their bases to at least defend your base. Then in the future, maybe you're one of them and your alliance. You'll earn the highest respect that other players will respect you.

Honor Calculation

The actual honor calculation changes based on your current honor level. This process has not yet been reverse-engineered to find an exact formula, and the formula is likely tiered for various ranges.

At extremely low honor (under 500) it is unlikely you will be attacked due to the sheer volume of easy bases in this level and the extremely low limit. Any higher than that and you will almost certainly be attacked whenever you are available for attack.

At extremely high honor (~5000+) you will start to only see bases with over 1000 honor. Since this cuts off most of the bases in the game, ghost bases will start to pop up, and most of the bases you see will be at an honor level much lower than where you currently are. Virtually every attack will be 1-4 honor for a 3 star victory and loss will be -24 honor.

At 7000 honor, the minimum honor gained is 1 honor, with the maximum being 4 honor.


Players who has the highest honors

Alliance Honor

Alliance honor is very easy to calculate, and is the sum of the top 10 players honor levels, and half of the sum of the next 20 players. Only the top 30 players are used in this calculation.

Alliances with the highest honors