This page is for ideas that you have and want to see in-game. Feel free to add an idea that you would want in-game. It can be troops, bonus troops, Heroes, buildings or others!

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Troop Ideas Edit

  • "Arquebusiers"-Arquebusiers are basically Samurai with guns. The guns were introduced to the Samurai by the Portugese. This troop would fire 5-6 shots rapidly, reload, then fire again.
  • "Spearmen"-Spearmen are also Samurai. They will have long spears and fight by jabbing at the enemy.
  • "Commander Ren"-Commander Ren is a powerful commander that will temporarily turn defenses and defending troops against themselves. He will probably be a Hero.
  • "Watermelon Ninja"-This one will be a bonus troop. It will be a Ninja dressed in green. Each time it slashes, a Watermelon will hit the building it is attacking. Will probably be a good one.
  • "Shinigami"-The Shinigami are powerful gods in Japanese myth that bring death and destruction. They will look like a giant Skeleton that summons regular Skeletons with each attack. Once killed, they are reborn in Spirit form like Cholon.
  • "Deployable Cannon"-This should be carried by two Engineers. It will act like the defensive Cannon (See here). It will fire shots that do splash damage. Like the Rocket Wagon, it will have limited shots. Once all available shots are fired, the 4 engineers attack.

Building Ideas Edit

Random Ideas Edit

  • "Essence Trap"-Once an enemy steps on it, Essence will come poaring down on them!
  • "New Map Nodes"-You should be able to move West once you're done with the "Burning out his Fuse" node. There should be new unlockable troops like the Arquebusiers (See above), Spearmen (Also see above) etc.

Other Ideas Edit