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Were winning them around, a group of Fire Demons agreed to fight for us!

Fire Demons have awesome powers especially when first deployed into battle. They burn with volcanic intensity, but grow weaker with every strike. Deploy them in critical moments in battle to smash through enemy defenses.

Use the awesome power of the Fire Demon to make short work for this enemy outpost, but REMEMBER; Fire Demons hate Ice Magics.


Incendiary Bomb is a special mission seen in the "News Feed". In this mission, you get to deploy 3 Fire Demons. And also you receive 125,000 Jade Coins and Essence if you win.

Troops Given:

- 15 Samurais Lvl 2

- 15 Ninjas Lvl 2

- 2 Commanders Lvl 2

- 10 Archers Lvl 2

- 3 Fire Demons

- 6 Oni Trolls

- 2 Healers

Attack Strategy

Deploy at least 3 Oni Trolls, 1 Commander, and a Healer near the Freeze Towers. After the Freeze Towers are destroyed deploy 1 Fire Demon. Then deploy 2 or 1 Oni Trolls, 1 Fire Demon, 5 Archers, 7 Samurais and Ninjas at both sides.

Watch the awesome power of the Fire Demon for the first time.