The Jade Lion is a troop available to everyone.


"After many years of work, we have finally trained the Jade Lion to join us on the battle field, protecting our troops as we take on the focus of enemy towers!"

The Jade Lion is a troop trainable to everyone.

Train Cost: 32,400

It will always target the defenses.

It has more health than the defense Jade Lions.

Frozen PawEdit

The Frozen Paw is a variation available for free.

"The power of Ice compells you!"- In-game description.

It will freeze buildings that it attacks and when killed, will explode freezing everything.


  • Less health.
  • More speed.
  • Extra Ice damage.
  • Less damage.
  • Level Required: 1
  • This variation is only available if you have rebuilt the Ancient Temple.
  • This variation is upgradable in the Ancient Temple.

Flame PawEdit

This variation is available in the Onyx Market.


  • Splash Damage
  • Costs 3,400 Onyx
  • Not much information is available since I do not have this. Someone will add it soon. Please be patient.


  • Since it is a magical troop, it upgrades in the Ancient Temple.
  • The Ancient Temple must be upgraded.
  • It is useful (but expensive) to low level players.
  • It has more health than the defense Jade Lions.
  • It can be used to soak up damage thanks to its high health, like the Oni Troll.


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