Kyudo-Sama is a powerful archer who shoots powerful volleys of arrows at a relatively low rate. Her attack is similar to the Starfall Master in that she shoots multiple projectiles at a target, but the projectiles might miss and damage a nearby target instead.

Her Immense range is identical to the Rocket Wagon and thus she won't be hit by Lightning Towers or Freeze Towers, making her exceptional on cleanup.

Her AI is much like Hime Kazuyo, which means she will get stuck attacking walls frequently, but thankfully her attack is fairly accurate and her high DPS means she will not be stopped for long.

Note that not much information is available on these troops because of a lack of information from Space Ape.


  • She is only available in Special Offers or in the Onyx Market for rotation.
  • If in a Special Offer, she needs to be bought for real money.
  • If in Onyx Market, she needs to be bought for Ingots.


Level Health Damage per Second Damage per Hit Seconds per Hit Attack Range Notes
1 1100 273 91 x 6 2 8 Fires a volley of 6 arrows at a target



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