When you destroy an enemy castle in a Multiplayer Battle, you will receive either an attack or defense item. There are six of each type. After collecting the six items available, you can go through the "Loot" submenu under "Menu" and trade them in for a bonus (Mercenary Camp for attack items / Cannon of Doom for defense items).

You will be notified when you have completed a collection. A message will come up at the top of the screen when the battle ends which reads, "Claim your collection reward, Attack" or "Claim your collection reward, Defense" depending on which collection you have just completed.

The item contained in the enemy castle is displayed in a small icon above the castle. This helps if you are searching for a specific item to finish your collection.

Attack Items

  • Giant Hammer
  • Ceremonial Ram
  • Commander's Katana
  • Ninja Daggers
  • Powder Keg
  • Spiked Club

Defense Items

  • Explosive Orb
  • Samurai Helmet
  • Dragon Helm
  • Arm Guards
  • Shield
  • Suit of Armor



See Also: Mercenary Camp | Cannon of Doom

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