"Get bonus troops every time you fight! Valid for two days."

When you destroy an enemy castle in a Multiplayer Battle, you will receive either an offensive or defensive item. There are six of each type. After collecting the six offensive items available, you can go through the "Loot" submenu under "Menu" and trade them in for a Mercenary Camp.

  • The camp holds five samurai.
  • The level of samurai is dependent on your honor points
  • It shows up in battle at the bottom of the screen as a single unit labeled "Bonus Troops."
  • The camp lasts for two days.
  • You cannot have more than one Mercenary Camp at a time. If you collect all six items before the two days are up and claim the reward, your old camp will be replaced with a new one and any unused time will be lost.
  • This does not act as another Practice Yard where you will need to retrain your troops. They will be replenished automatically after every battle.


Honor Samurai Level
0 - 499 2
500 - 999 3
1,000 - 1,999 4
2,000+ 5

Loot ItemsEdit

  • Giant Hammer
  • Ceremonial Ram
  • Commander's Katana
  • Ninja Daggers
  • Powder Keg
  • Spiked Club



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