Her stats are similar to a level 3 Dragon, but she has an extremely wide splash range, able to hit up to 9 3x3 buildings at the same time if the buildings are laid out properly. Like other dragons, she is unable to be healed by Healers.

Mu-Shen arrives in 2 flavors: the legendary adult and babies hatched from her blood dragon nest.  

It provides an adult Mu-Shen on attack.  When Mu-Shen dies, she casts a meteor spell at her last location.

Mu-Shen's Nest protects your base by releasing multiple baby blood dragons when destroyed and provides support on attack as well.

"Above this tower soars the mighty blood dragon, Mu-Shen. Mere mention of her name stirs fear in brave men's.hearts..."

Note that not much information is available on these troops because of a lack of information from Space Ape.


Level Health Damage per Second Damage per Hit Seconds per Hit Splash Range Notes
Baby 250 7 3.5 0.5 1.5 -
Adult 1900 117 35 0.3 4.2 Drops a Meteor scroll upon death



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