"Fight against villages from around the world and earn Coins, Essence, Loot and Honor."

Multiplayer Battles are where the majority of Gameplay occurs in Samurai Siege. For a Coin fee (which increases as your Castle level goes up) a player will be matched up against a random, similar player who is not online and does not have an active shield at that time.

  • The player has 30 seconds to either accept that matchup or pay again to pull up another random opponent.
  • The attacker has three minutes from the time the battle starts to do as much damage as possible.
  • Any and all troops used in battle will be lost, whether or not they survive the battle.

The army of the player searching for the battle will "travel" to the opponent's village to do battle against their defensive setup. At stake are Coins , Essence , Loot, War Points (during an Alliance War ) and Honor . Victory or defeat is determined by a star system.


Three stars total can be earned in a multiplayer battle. One star is automatically earned if the enemy Castle is destroyed, even if it is the only building leveled. One star can be earned when 50% of the village has been destroyed, regardless of whether or not that includes the Castle. Three stars can be earned by destroying 100% of the village. Acquiring even one star is considered a victory, and will earn you a portion of the Honor at stake (more on this below). Failure to gain any stars before time runs out or you retreat results in defeat.


During a multiplayer battle the amount of Honor that will be awarded for a win or taken in the case of defeat is shown on screen. Should the attacker fail to earn a star, the full amount shown will be subtracted from their total Honor  If a player earns one star they will earn 1/3 of the amount shown, 2/3 of the amount for two stars, and the full amount for all three stars.

For war points, 1 star earns the attacker 1/2 of the amount shown, 2 stars earns the attacker 3/4 of the amount shown and 3 stars earns the attacker all of the honor and the war points available for that attack.

Coins & EssenceEdit

These can be taken by destroying their corresponding buildings: Market and Coin Vault for Coins , Essence Well and Essence Storage for Essence . Additionally, a small amount of each is held in the Castle.


Loot can be earned by destroying the Castle and will be awarded at the end of the battle. These can be collected, and when you are in possession of a full set, they can be traded in for either a Mercenary Camp (offensive Loot) or the Cannon of Doom (defensive Loot).