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News Archive For December 2013
12.02.2013 - Quantum's Web wins "Save the Season," first worldwide Multiplayer war event

News Archive For November 2013

11.30.2013 - "Save the Season" worldwide Multiplayer war event has officially begun
11.29.2013 - Shootsteel raises the individual Honor bar to over 11,000
11.29.2013 - The Festive Tree is now available in the Decor menu
11.28.2013 - By the slimmest of margins, Oz Avengers ends Purple Reign's War Streak
11.26.2013 - Purple Reign pushes their unbeaten war streak into the 30s
11.26.2013 - In a showdown of Top 10 undefeateds, Sengoku ends Kenobi's War Streak at 17
11.25.2013 - The new game update has been released, go download it now!
11.24.2013 - Purple Reign continues their unbeaten, record setting War Streak, now at 26
11.22.2013 - Shootsteel from Legion of Jedi becomes first player with over 10,000 Honor
11.21.2013 - SpaceApe teases with new Holidays content, look here for an update tomorrow
11.20.2013 - Legion of Jedi screams past both the 80,000 and 90,000 Honor mark in the same day
11.18.2013 - Tip: Double-tap a Dojo to bring up the "Train Troops" screen
11.16.2013 - Shootsteel first player to push Honor over 9,000
11.14.2013 - Legion of Jedi plays spoiler again, ending Quantum Web's perfect War Streak
11.14.2013 - Alliance Portal is working on defense again with normal power troops
11.14.2013 - Shootsteel from Legion of Jedi becomes the #1 ranked player in the world
11.13.2013 - Legion of Jedi ends Vietnam Heroes' War Streak at 10
11.13.2013 - Negative War Points are no longer incurred from losses on defense
11.13.2013 - Legion of Jedi becomes the first Alliance to crack the 70,000 Honor mark
11.12.2013 - Purple Reign and Vietnam Heroes run their War Streaks into double digits
11.11.2013 - Space Ape looking for solution to defense War Points based on user complaints
11.08.2013 - Glitch forces SpaceApe to temporarily disable defensive use of Alliance Portal
11.08.2013 - Legion of Jedi becomes the first Alliance to crack the 60,000 Honor mark
11.07.2013 - Game update featuring new Multiplayer system and Dragon unit available now
11.04.2013 - Mdshaf from Legion Of Jedi takes over the #1 Honor Ranking in the world