"Agile. Deadly. Greedy. Ninjas steal Jade Coins and Essence from our opponents."

Ninja is the second troop you unlock in the game. It is unlocked after completing the "Ninja Stronghold" Mission in the single player campaign. They move fast and prioritize Essence Wells and Jade Markets, not attacking any other buildings until none of these remain. Ninjas do quadruple damage against Wells and Markets.

Though they deal relatively little damage per unit once all loot has been taken from the battlefield, en masse they can tear down buildings very quickly. Remember though, with low health they will fall to splash damage. Ninjas are extremely useful when protected by other units and left to steal all the resources in the enemy base.

At level 4, they begin carrying Ninja Stars into battle. They will throw these stars at whatever they are targeting (the crosshairs that appear when they are placed.) They normally throw these stars at resource buildings or walls, but placing several Star-throwing ninjas near a Jade Lion will swiftly destroy it. Likewise, any defensive troops will quickly die to ninja stars.

Some players think its one of the far weakest troops in the game, which is not true. Per troop size, the ninja actually does more damage than any other unit in the game unless you include splash damage in the calculation. Additionally, since they attack so quickly and move so quickly, very little damage and time are wasted between attacks, unlike the perpetually slow Oni Troll or the slow attack speed of the Fire Demon.  Additionally, they make great additions to Commanders, since they will ignore orders and clean up whatever the commanders miss. Ninjas are also useful to get resources. They will attack non-stop at the resources allowing you to earn many resources in seconds flat.

Ninja small


Yard Space Attack Range Seconds Per Attack Walk Speed Training Time Mission Unlocked
1 0.4 0.5 4 30s Ninja Stronghold
Level Health Damage Per Second Ninja Stars Training Cost (Essence) Cost to Upgrade Time to Upgrade Blacksmith Level Required
1 30 17 0 90 - - -
2 36 21 0 140 180,000 12h 1
3 44 29 0 220 900,000 1d 3
4 53 36 2 290 2,700,000 3d 5
5 63 48 3 360 8,100,000 5d 6
6 72 58 4 440 12,000,000 7d 6
7 80 70 5 600 21,000,000 9d 7