"Provides free Oni troops to use in every battle, both in attack and defense. The camp lasts for 7 days."

This building cannot be built normally. It is rewarded as a prize for special occasions. The camp holds a number of Oni troops. The number of troops and the level of the troops depends on the level of the camp (which can be upgraded like any other building). Although the description says that "the camp lasts for 7 days," the Space Ape Team have been known to adjust this time for some occasions (e.g., during a tournament when the game was particularly buggy, they awarded 10-day Oni Camps to players who logged in during a particular time frame).

When attacking, the Oni troops show up in battle at the bottom of the screen as a single unit labeled "Bonus Troops." If you have a Mercenary Camp, the Samurai troops from that camp will be deployed along with the Onis.


Camp Level Oni Count Oni Level Upgrade Cost (Coins) Upgrade Time
1 10 1 - -
2 50 2 100,000
3 100 3 300,000



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