The Onyx Dragon, Onikisu is a powerful dragon necromancer available via the Onyx Dragon Tower from events and promotions. Like other dragons, it is unable to be healed by Healers.

When a unit dies nearby the Onyx Dragon, it will resurrect that troop as an Onyx Dragon Whelp, similar to the Necromander.  It will resurrect a maximum of 4 Onyx Dragon Whelps at a time.

Note that not much information is available on these troops because of a lack of information from Space Ape.


Level Health Damage per Second Damage per Hit Seconds per Hit Splash Range Notes
Whelp 300 60 15 0.25 3.2 Poisons area upon death
Adult 2000 100 25 0.25 3.2 Poisons area upon death



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