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"Dedicated to the way of the sword. Will attack anything in front of them."

The samurai is the first available troop in-game and is the most used by beginners. The Samurai is best used in large groups against the Archer Tower. However, they are weak when grouped and are hit with splash damage, such as Freeze Towers or Cannons.

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Yard Space Attack Range Seconds Per Attack Walk Speed Training Time
1 0.4 1 2 20 seconds
Level Health Iron Sword Damage Per Second (DPS) Training Cost (Essence) Cost to Upgrade (Essence) Time To Upgrade Blacksmith Level Required Flaming Sword DPS Reduction
1 68 12 90 - - - -2
2 81 21 140 90,000 30m 1 -4
3 98 27 220 540,000 1d 3 -5
4 117 35 290 1,800,000 3d 5 -7
5 143 45 540 5,400,000 5d 6 -9

Flaming Sword

"These swords cut through the enemy and occassionally ignite the area around them!  Hot stuff!"

Samurai have two options for a weapon, the first is in the above "Stats" table and is the "Iron Sword".  The second is the Flaming Sword which does less Damage Per Second than the Iron Sword but has a chance for causing extra splash damage to surrounding targets.

Choosing the fire sword means that there is a 25% chance that your samurai will cause "splash damage" to surrounding targets within a 1.5 tile radius.  This added benefit comes at a cost.  There is a roughly 20% reduction in Damage Per Second for the Flaming Sword as compared to the Iron Sword (see the Flaming Sword DPS Reduction in the Stats table above).  So your Flaming Sword will do less damage per hit but every few hits it will do additional damage to multiple targets (as noted by the Splash Damage Per Second in the table below).

Splash Damage Radius Splash Damage Chance
1.5 25%
Level Splash Damage Per Second Cost to Upgrade Time To Upgrade Samurai Level Required
1 6 - - 1
2 14 64,800 12h 2
3 24 800,000 2d 3
4 32 4,000,000 4d
5 40 10,000,000 7d



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