Special Missions are missions you don't see everyday or usually. It's limited time and you get to receive high rewards. Sometimes you get to deploy new units or something you don't have.

Summary Edit

This new spooky level tricks you in many ways.


There is a path that takes you from the spawn area to the castle, this path is near impossible to pass through due to the meteors that kill your troops. Instead you have to follow this guide using at least 50 Samurai's, 70 if you want to ensure a victory:

Step 1:Spawn 1 samurai on the furthest right section of the spawn. It will break through the wall cunction on the top right side. Then it will trigger a bomb.

Step 2: Spawn ~10 samurai in the same spot. They will break through the next layer (under fire) and will trigger the next bomb.

Step 3: Spawn the rest of your units rapidly in the same spot. They will kill the archer tower and will then destroy the castle before the Troll gets to them :)

Booby-trapped ManorEdit

"This bizarre construction appeared out of nowhere! Watch out for traps!"

Strategy Video

Samurai Siege Special Mission Booby-trapped Manor

Samurai Siege Special Mission Booby-trapped Manor


Incendiary Bomb Edit

"Main Article": Incendiary Bomb

A special mission which you get to deploy the newest unit, the Fire Demon. When the Fire Demon has not yet been realeased, special missions like Friendly Fire and this serves as a preview of a new unit.


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