This strategy guide is here to help you through the early stages of your Samurai Siege career. The rest of my strategy guides can be found at Stealthteddy's Strategy Guides.

The tutorialEdit

  • NOTE This part of the guide is for people who have not even opened the app yet.

When you first open the app, you will be introduced to the game by various dramatic and magical creatures. Do everything they say, except ifwhen they ask you to spend Diamonds. The only thing you want to spend Diamonds on are Carpenter upgrades, until your Carpenter is at level 5.

Next stepsEdit

At first, you will have a 3-day shield. Use this to your own maximum advantage, by building stuff as quickly as you can - without using Diamonds!

Castle Level 2Edit

At this castle level, your available buildings are as follows:

  • Offensive
    • Dojos
      • Maximum Built: 2
      • Maximum Level: 2
    • Practice Yard
      • Maximum Built: 1
      • Maximum Level: 2
  • Defensive
  • Resources

Castle Level 3Edit