Booby map

A mission on the World Map.

The World Map in Samurai Siege is where the Singleplayer Campaign takes place. Here you learn about what has been happening to the land and the evil power that is ever present throughout your journey. You can also unlock new buildings, troops and defensive structures after completing various missions. Throughout the missions you must develop new skills and strategies to overcome the various tricks and traps that will ultimately be your demise if you do not think ahead and plan out how and where you may attack from on each level. Often after unlocking new troops you will need to use them on the very next map, this often teaches you how to use that troop in certain situations and will prepare you for Matchmaking against other real players.

There are several different types of modes on the world map, including:

  • Attack Missions
  • Honor Nodes
  • Puzzle Nodes
  • Resource Nodes
  • Diamond Nodes

Each of these Nodes changes over the landscape that you journey through on your way to the end and eventually you will come to a resource Node that you will be unable to pass until you reach a certain Castle level or Storage level. This can be quite frustrating as it is often right before unlocking another troop.